MAGNAM eureka sweeper wap system thailand

Sweeping path with 2 side brush (mm) 1560 N/A
Sweeping path with side brush (mm) 1250 1250
Sweeping path with main brush (mm) 902 902
Cleaning capacity (sq/m/h) 18720 12500
Capacity of dirt container (L) 236 236
Filter type Polyester bag  Polyester bag
Forward speed (Km/h) 12 10
Drive Hydraulic Hydraulic
Drive motor Hydraulic Hydraulic
Main motor Diesel Kubota 20.6Hp 1x36V - 1800W
Battery system (V) - 36
Weight (Kg) 1,175 1,386
Dimensions (mm) 1560x2380x1900 1250x2380x1900